Stainless steel floor drain isolated


The isolated floor drains are used in places where the dirty water can be collected in the ceiling of a lower floor, but at the same time it is imperative to prevent water from seeping into that lower level. As a result of cracks that occur gradually in joints along the drainage channels, water can seep into the concrete. The seeping water collects on the isolation layer and flows to the lower floor at some weak point of the isolation. If an isolated drain with a vertical outlet is used, the water that seeps through to the isolation layer is guided to the dirty water pipe thanks to the structure of the drain. In this way, water can certainly not seep into the lower floor.

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Customization is mainly provided for modular channels. However customization is possible for every system. In this way the optimum drainage system is delivered for all specific requirements. Fenicrom® has a specialized team that can do the placement and installation of channels and wall protection for you. We are happy to advise you on the proper application of drainage within your company and glad to visit you to discuss the details.

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