Stainless steel gratings light load

Light industrial load.
Vertical and horizontal outlet.

Class L15 / A15 to 1500kg. Light traffic, no pallet trucks or forklift trucks. The strips of the mesh grates are welded both from above and below so that tilting of the strips is prevented.


– The mesh grates look like a honeycomb with holes of 20 x 20 mm. Trolleys with wheels with a diameter of 80 mm can easily be transported over this grate.

– Fine mesh channel grates consist of 25 mm wide and 1.2 mm thick steel strips that interlock like frames, surrounded and reinforced by an edge of 25 x 5 mm wide and 1.5 mm thick.

– Fine mesh gutters are welded on both sides and argon arc at all intersections. Because it is fully welded, if used under appropriate conditions, it remains for years without bending or curling like new.

– For gutters with asymmetrical oval holes, there are rows of oval holes of 40 x 7 mm along the length of the surface with intervals of 22 mm. Intermediate spacing between two rows of oval holes is 15 mm, with the second row offset from the first row.

– All holes are sunk downwards. In this way the strength is increased and you can even walk with bare feet. – To prevent slipping, round bumps protruding upwards on the surfaces of reinforced gutters with asymmetrical oval holes.

-Fully made of 2.0 mm thick 18/8 Cr / Ni (AISI 304 quality) stainless steel.


– Perforated grates are usually used in areas where the floor surface is only sporadically wet.

– The surface of the gutters is perforated with widely spaced holes of 6.5 mm diameter. The perforated gratings are made entirely from 3.00 mm thick 18/8 Cr / Ni (AISI 304 quality) stainless steel..


Stainless steel bar gratings consist of a frame within which U-steel strips are parallel to each other over the entire width of the frame with a gap of 20 mm.

After the bar gratings on both sides have been welded with argon arc at all intersections, they are chemically cleaned (passivation).


Stainless steel cover plates can be used in places where the drain gutters pass under equipment, at door openings and in places where the drain gutter passes through departments that never get wet.

A pattern is made on the surfaces of the cover plates consisting of bumps protruding upwards, in order to prevent slipping

The 2.0 mm thick cover plate is reinforced across the width with 20 x 5 mm steel strips that are approximately 150 mm apart.

Completely made of 18/8 Cr / Ni (AISI 304 quality) stainless steel