Total concept

In addition to our drainage products and wall protection, we can also offer you a complete package. Thanks to our many years of cooperation with accredited applicators, floor layers, tilers and milling companies, we can fully relieve you. Our products are perfectly measured and placed by our own specialized team.

What are we doing:

  • Making a drainage plan
  • Milling the floor
  • Measuring and placing drainage gutters
  • Connecting the gutter to the sewer
  • Deposit floor
  • Tiling or ucrete industrial floor
  • Installing skirting boards and collision protection

Milling the floor.
For small or large projects, the slots for the drainage gutters and wells can be milled by our own team or with the cooperation of a recognized milling company.

Measuring and placing the stainless steel drainage channels.
With the help of laser and other measuring techniques, drainage troughs are placed correctly.

Connecting the stainless steel sinks and drains to the sewer.

Pouring concrete floor.

Composiet and concrete industrial floors.
Composiet and concrete industrial floors industrial floors are chemically resistant, have a long service life and are durable. These floors are supplied with a non-slip top layer.

Tiled floor.
Ceramic industrial floors are ideally suited for the food industry. We supply the right tile floor in cooperation with recognized tilers. These floors are resistant to high mechanical and thermal loads, but also resistant to chemical acids, alkalis and solvents.

Wall protection.

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